Initiative Musik

Initiative Musik is Germany’s music export office, supporting rock, pop and jazz music. Our main goals include the promotion of young musical talent, the integration of musicians with immigrant backgrounds, and the dissemination of German music to foreign markets. We also bolster music venues that significantly contribute to maintaining cultural diversity in Germany.

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Information about our funding programmes for musicians and their business partners. Material only available in German. If you have already submitted an application, it can be accessed via the login area.

Music Clubs

We offer several funding programmes for music clubs. In addition to APPLAUS, our venue programme award, music clubs can apply for assistance with modernizing equipment and upgrading their infrastructure. Info only available in German.

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At Initiative Musik, we help German artists gain international exposure. In addition, we plan theme trips for foreign journalists to experience German pop culture. We are the German export office for music, and we are a member of the network of European music export offices.

// Events

Overview of awards and events organized by Initiative Musik.

Who we are

Here you find the right contact person for your matter. We introduce our team, Initiative Musik's Supervisory Board, sponsors and partners.