Program Description GO! Export

I. Purpose

GO! Export supports small and medium-sized businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs in the music industry (e.g., management, booking, and PR agencies, labels and music publishers, distributors, self-promoting musicians) in expanding their international activities. The aim is to help them broaden their international networks, establish sustainable business relationships, learn from best practices abroad, expand their practical knowledge of foreign markets, and acquire better tools for the successful export of their artists or their own music.

II. Eligibility

Eligible for application are small and medium-sized businesses in the music industry, as well as individual entrepreneurs, based in Germany and without branches/representations in the target country. Their professional activities must be directly associated with the promotion of German or Germany-based artists.

III. Funding Objectives

Funding covers international travels that are part of a well-developed export strategy, including:

  • Attendance at international showcase festivals and industry meetings,
  • Participation in exchange programs with foreign companies in music and creative industries,
  • Involvement in delegation trips for exploring new markets.

Activities and/or events in target countries where the business is not or minimally represented are given priority.

Not eligible for funding are accompanying activities during tours of represented artists, the conduct of business meetings not within the framework of the attended event, or participation in events as a speaker.

IV. Type, Scope, and Amount of Funding

Subsidies can be provided for travel expenses for a maximum of one person per company for up to 15 days.

Businesses will receive funding for their budgeted needs in the financial plan in the form of a lump-sum financing.

The amount of approved funding is determined by the extent of uncovered expenses, with the maximum funding varying based on the destination and the duration of travel as follows:

For the first five days, a subsidy of up to

  • 600 EUR per person in European countries
  • 1,200 EUR per person in non-European countries

can be requested.

For longer trips, an additional amount per day for a maximum of 10 extra travel days can be requested:

  • 100 EUR per person in European countries
  • 150 EUR per person in non-European countries

The requested funding amount must not exceed 50% of the total expenses.

Funded expenses can include travel, accommodation, and meal expenses (according to the Federal Travel Expenses Law -BRKG- and Foreign Travel Expenses Regulation -ARVVwV-). This includes, for example, flights, train rides, local transportation, car rental with fuel (or alternatively, a mileage allowance for those traveling by private car), toll fees, or visa fees.

Expenses must have a direct connection to the trip, both in terms of time and location. Extensions of the trip before or after the event are not covered by the funding. Meal and accommodation expenses can only be claimed for the days on which the event is attended.

When participating in fee-based showcase festivals and industry meetings, the expenses for accreditation can be additionally subsidized, up to 50% of the total expenses and a maximum of 500 EUR.

GO! Export can be utilized a maximum of two times within a calendar year.

V. Application Process

The application form must be completed online initially, providing detailed information about the applying business, the business’s export strategy, the person undertaking the trip, specific goals and purposes of the trip, and planned activities. Additionally, a financial plan (using the Excel template provided by Initiative Musik) must be attached to the application.

Applications for GO! Export are processed continuously. Eligible companies may submit an application no later than six weeks before departure. Only fully completed and correctly formatted applications will be considered. The application will undergo a formal review by Initiative Musik. Should any documents be identified as incorrect, a request for clarification or correction will be made, and the necessary revisions must be submitted within five working days. In light of this, it is recommended to submit the application as early as possible.

VI. Selection Process

The decision on the application is made by an independent jury.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the jury’s funding decision. In the case of approval, the amount of the approved funding will be communicated.

Applications are assessed solely based on the submitted documents. The jury’s decision is final and will not be explained. Legal recourse is not available, and there is no legal entitlement to funding.

VII. Final Audit

A utilization report must be submitted via the online tool to Initiative Musik no later than six weeks after the conclusion of the trip.

The utilization report plausibly presents income and expenses through a target-performance comparison without the need for receipts. Granted subsidies for accreditation costs must be substantiated. Additionally, Initiative Musik reserves the right to randomly request evidence or receipts (e.g., invoices) for the entire funding.

Furthermore, a factual report must be attached, describing the results of the trip. Conducted activities, initiated contacts, and anticipated economic results should be documented. The report should also highlight experiences and the achievement of objectives.

Initiative Musik verifies whether the executed project aligns with its content and purpose as per the submitted application. Upon a positive examination, the funding amount is disbursed following the trip.

VIII. Application Consultation

For inquiries regarding the application and utilization report, please contact:

Natascha Bader
Project Manager Export
T: +49 (0)30 – 531 475 45 – 415

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