Program Description DO! Export

I. Purpose

DO! Export provides support to small and medium-sized businesses, along with individual entrepreneurs in the music industry, assisting them in organizing events and campaigns to globally promote their artists in the genres of popular music and jazz.

The funding program aims to assist businesses in their export activities, thereby strengthening the presentation and dissemination of music from Germany abroad.

II. Eligibility

Eligible applicants include small and medium-sized businesses in the music industry, as well as individual entrepreneurs based in Germany, who do not have branches/representations in the target country. Their professional activities are directly related to the promotion of German artists in the field of popular music and jazz (e.g., management, booking, and PR agencies, labels and music publishers, distributors).

III. Funding Objectives

Supported are activities and measures integral to a well-developed export strategy of the business. This includes the organization of international or internationally oriented showcases, promo events, or songwriting camps, along with the associated internationally oriented marketing and PR campaigns for positioning their artists.

The organization of tours or artist performances that do not fall within the framework of the company’s B2B export activities is not eligible for funding.

Priority is given to events in target countries where the company and/or artists are not adequately represented or not represented at all.

Expenses directly related to the planned measures that can be funded include:

  • Venue rental, including event insurance
  • Backline rental, other technical equipment
  • Fees for external agencies/service providers (PR, booking, technology, production)
  • Press and PR activities
  • Advertising and marketing (offline and online)
  • Graphic design and printing costs
  • Translation costs, interpreters, visa fees
  • GEMA fees, KSK (“Artist Social Security Fund”), etc.
  • Travel expenses for artists plus a maximum of two accompanying persons (e.g., management/PR/technology), according to the Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG) and Foreign Travel Expenses Regulation (ARVVwV).

For the implementation of the measures, environmentally sustainable options are to be chosen (reusable materials and equipment, minimal energy and resource consumption, sustainable events, and mobility concepts, etc.) to help improve the applicant’s ecological footprint.

Additionally, during the implementation of the measures, attention must be paid to diversity and inclusion.

IV. Type, Scope, and Amount of Funding

Businesses will receive support to cover their planned expenses in the financial plan, provided as deficit financing. The requested funding amount may not exceed 75% of the total expenses and the maximum funding limit of 10,000 EUR.

Projects with total expenses below 3,000 EUR will not be considered.

The funding is disbursed to project sponsors during the funding period after the conclusion of a funding contract. Initially, up to 90% of the approved funds will be disbursed. The remaining 10% of the funding amount will be disbursed after receiving the utilization report (see VII Final Audit) and confirming a positive audit result (retention).

Applying companies may utilize the DO! Export funding program a maximum of two times within a calendar year.

The project duration is individually determined for each project and may not exceed 6 months.

V. Application Process

Eligible businesses can submit an application up to eight weeks before the project start date. Applications for DO! Export are processed on an ongoing basis.

The application form must be completed in full, providing detailed information about the applying business, the current situation, objectives, and planned measures. Additionally, the application should include a budget and financing plan (using the Excel template provided by Initiative Musik) serving as the basis for calculating the funding amount. In the budget and financing plan, the applicant must realistically and plausibly present project-related expenses, potential self-contributions, any third-party funding, and the requested funding amount.

Only fully completed and correctly formatted applications will be considered. Initiative Musik conducts a formal review of the application. Should any documents be identified as incorrect, a request for clarification or correction will be made, and the necessary revisions must be submitted within five working days. In light of this, it is recommended to submit the application as early as possible.

All information is treated confidentially in accordance with GDPR guidelines and is solely used for decision-making and funding purposes.

VI. Selection Process

The decision on the application will be made by an independent jury. The jury is composed of individuals representing a knowledgeable cross-section of the music industry and scene, with a focus on export.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the funding decision made by the jury. In the case of approval, the approved funding amount will be communicated.

Applications are evaluated exclusively based on the submitted documents. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to justification. Legal recourse is excluded, and there is no legal entitlement to funding.

VII. Final Audit

No later than three months after the completion of the project, a utilization report must be submitted to Initiative Musik. The utilization report comprises a factual report providing information about the project’s progress and achievement of goals, along with a numerical verification detailing the expenses in a tabular format.

Initiative Musik reviews whether the executed project aligns with its content and purpose as outlined in the submitted application. The 10% retention will be disbursed after the examination of the utilization report.

VIII. Application Consultation

For inquiries regarding the application and utilization report, please contact:

Natascha Bader
Project Manager Export
T: +49 (0)30 – 531 475 45 – 415

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