We at Initiative Musik use our export programmes and projects to promote both musicians and music companies in distributing their repertoire abroad.

Musicians and their partner companies can apply for financial support for international music releases and performances outside of Germany as part of our Artist Sponsorships and Tour Sponsorship programmes. The programmes DO! Export and GO! Export support small and medium-sized businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs in the music industry in expanding their international activities. For details, please see the programme descriptions in the Support Programmes section.

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Initiative Musik plays an active part in strengthening the German music industry abroad, including with its own projects under the names WUNDERBAR and GERMAN HAUS. Since 2010, this also includes the flagship project GERMANY AT SXSW, the German joint presentation for the culture and creative industries at South by Southwest (SXSW), the world’s largest showcase festival, in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, Initiative Musik is also involved with international networking organisations, including ESNS Exchange and the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE). Export activities are rounded off with the theme tours for the Federal Republic of Germany’s Visitors Programme.

[EN] Finanzieller Zuschuss zu den Reise- und Marketingkosten für Musiker:innen und Bands mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland bei besonderen Auftritten (Showcases, Supporttouren, Presse- und Promoauftritten) im Ausland.
Unterstützung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen sowie Einzelunternehmer:innen aus der Musikwirtschaft bei der Durchführung von Veranstaltungen und Kampagnen zur Vermarktung ihrer Künstler:innen im Ausland.
Unterstützung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen sowie Einzelunternehmer:innen aus der Musikwirtschaft beim Ausbau ihrer internationalen Aktivitäten.

Current Export Projects


Initiative Musik is a partner of EMEE, the European Music Exporters Exchange. This association of 24 European music export offices is a strategic network aiming to increase the international distribution of the European repertoire both within and outside of Europe.

Icon ESNS Exchange
ESNS Exchange

Initiative Musik’s participation in ESNS Exchange supports both musicians as well as festivals from Germany with their internationalisation activities. ESNS Exchange, a joint European programme, supports festival appearances in other European countries.

Icon Wanderlust

WANDERLUST is the joint presentation of Initiative Musik, popNRW (NRW State Music Council), the Stuttgart Region Pop Office, RockCity Hamburg and the Association for Pop Culture in Bavaria to support musical talent from Germany.

Icon Wunderbar/Germany @SXSW
Wunderbar/Germany @SXSW

The German joint presentation at the world’s largest digital trade show SXSW, realised by Initiative Musik, provides musicians, companies and participating federal states a framework for presenting themselves in a competitive international environment.

Icon BIME 2022
BIME 2022

The 10th edition of BIME in Bilbao, Spain, will take place October 26-29, 2022. With an extensive conference and showcase program, BIME is an important meeting point in Europe for the Latin American music industry.

Icon Theme trips
Theme trips

International music entrepreneurs and journalists are our guests during the theme tours as part of the Federal Republic of Germany’s Visitors Programme. They receive authentic and differentiated first-hand impressions by attending outstanding music festivals and conferences in Germany.

Icon Showcase Festivals
Showcase Festivals

A showcase festival combines music festival with industry meeting. In contrast to mainstream festivals, they target mostly people from the music industry. Newcomers get the opportunity to present themselves to a professional audience.

Icon country-specific regulations
country-specific regulations

Current information on country-specific regulations concerning entry, tours and co.

October 1, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
MENT Ljubljana 2023
29.-31. März 2023, Ljubljana, Slowenien
October 7, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
SXSW 2023
10.-19. March 2023, Austin, USA
November 1, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
New Colossus Festival
8.-12.03.2023, New York City, USA
November 18, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
04.-06. Mai 2023, Wrexham, UK
November 18, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
21-22. April 2023, Bratislava, Slowakei
November 30, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
Future Echoes
16.-18. Februar 2023, Norrköping, Schweden
December 12, 2022 Artist Application Deadline
Tallinn Music Week
10.-14. May 2023, Tallinn, Estonia
February 15, 2023 Artist Application Deadline
The Great Escape
10.-13.05.2023, Brighton, UK