Music Meets Politics: Agenda Musikwirtschaft

The “Agenda Musikwirtschaft” (Music Industry Agenda) summit offers public discussions connecting the most important associations and institutions of the music industry with leading representatives of the German federal government and the opposition parties.

The urgent concerns of everyone involved from all fields of the music industry are addressed. Short, thematically structured lectures allow participants to present their contributions to society and address politicians with core demands. The conference aims to highlight the economic and cultural importance and the impact of the music industry, thereby improving conditions for musicians in Germany.

The Music Industry Speaks with One Voice

Initiated by Prof. Jens Michow, president of the Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry, the “Agenda Musikwirtschaft” event brought together all the subsectors of the heterogeneous music industry to speak with representatives of the Federal Government. “In my view, it is high time for the music industry to jointly speak in illustrating its cultural-economic significance and also – when it makes sense – to speak with one voice moving forward. In this respect, the Agenda conference has a certain historic importance and hopefully sends a strong signal for our economic sector,” Prof. Michow said.

Initiative Musik Advisory Board Chair Prof. Dieter Gorny underscored the event’s importance for the music industry: “In a digital society and a digitised cultural economy, music’s development crucially depends on an intensive promotion of and better coordination between the individual fields, both culturally and economically. It opens up a multitude of possibilities for the future here in Germany and Europe.”

Speaker and partners “Agenda Musikwirtschaft” © Verlag Der Tagesspiegel

Protecting Musicians and Creativity

The intent of the “Agenda Musikwirtschaft” conference is to regularly demonstrate which topics the music industry believes the Federal Government needs to address to protect musicians and the creative sector. “Agenda Musikwirtschaft” is supported with funding from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and Initiative Musik, the German pop music promotion office. The music industry summit takes place at the suggestion of the BDKV with support from the participating music industry associations and institutions.


Michael Wallies

head of department