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Initiative Musik is the federal government’s funding agency that supports the music industry for rock, pop, and jazz in Germany. Initiative Musik’s support programmes offer artists financial support to indirectly support their professional development. One of its main goals is to promote and support young musical talent, musicians with immigrant backgrounds, and disseminating music from Germany on a national level and on foreign markets. Another focus is the support of music venues that significantly contribute to maintaining cultural diversity within Germany with their work.

The range of support combines both cultural and economic development, which is also reflected in the structure of the partners and the representation on Initiative Musik’s Supervisory Board with equal numbers of representatives from the political sphere and music industry.

Initiative Musik acts as Germany’s music export office. As the German representative, it contributes to international networks – such as the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) – cooperates with other European music export offices, and also initiates its own projects for promoting exports and up-and-coming artists.

Initiative Musik is supported by the German Society for the Administration of Neighbouring Rights (GVL), the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat), and the German Music Authors’ Society (GEMA). The bulk of the project’s funding is provided by the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media.

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Press Release

Eurosonic 2018 – Strong German Festival Presence


16 January 2018

  • Sixteen bands and solo artists from Germany are appearing at this showcase festival in Groningen, Netherlands, including Ace Tee & Kwam E., Blackberries, Lilly Among Clouds, Meute, and Kytes
  • Nineteen German festivals are participating in the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP), including Haldern Pop, Maifeld Derby, and Melt! along with first-timers the Immergut Festival and Summer Breeze Open Air
  • Initiative Musik is the official German ETEP representative and is also providing travel support to eight acts as part of its Short-Tour Funding programme
  • Alice Merton receives European Border Breakers Award 

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Eurosonic 2018 – Strong German Festival Presence

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